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Can you find any numbers between 1 and 20 at home. Take a picture and send it in. I wonder if we can find all the numbers between us.


This week’s challenge is to throw two balls or push two cars and say which has gone the furthest. Send us a picture of the two objects and say which has gone furthest, you can even tell us how many hands/feet away they are!

This week we are looking at 3d shapes. Can you find these shapes around your house and send in pictures:

1. Cube
2. Cuboid
3. Sphere
4. Cylinder

half a pizza

We are learning to half objects and shapes next week. Can you cut something into half? Can you half a group of objects at home? Please send in a picture for us to place on the blog.

Here is a picture of Kenzie sharing some cards between his 2 dogs. He did a great job as they both have the same amount.


Jason has shared out the fruit into 2 piles. They have 6 each.