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Monthly Archives: December 2013

This week we have been learning to count to 20. Here are some songs to help you with your counting.


I would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents who have offered up their time to come with us. This trip we only have 5 free tickets per class. I have chosen the names by the forms that were returned first. The parent helpers are:

Doris Emuh

Caroline Noble

Sakie Matsubara

Victoria Furlong


Thank you once again!

Mr Herlihy

The nativity is coming at us at the speed of light. This year RIH are the angels, with a few animals thrown in for good measure. I was wondering if anyone had any angel costumes at home that they wouldn’t mind bringing in. We have some school ones so if you don’t have one your child will be provided with a costume.

As you may know, Thursday 19th December is going to be a very busy day. We are going to the cinema in the morning and then in the afternoon we shall be having the class party. Because we are back too late for a cooked lunch, I suggest the party food becomes our lunch. Children who have a school dinner will have the money credited onto your account. Children do not need a pack lunch on the the 19th as we will have the party food for lunch. Please sign up on the classroom door. Any questions please come and speak to me.

Mr Herlihy

Here is a video about space suits. Leave a comment about what you have learnt.

This week we have been continuing learning all about space, we read a book called ‘On the moon’. We watched a video of the first moon landing and talked about what it must have been like to be the first person on the moon.

The children have been learning to use the words more and fewer in numeracy. The children have also been experimenting with recording their findings

This week we have learnt how to write c a o d.

The words we have learned to far are,  I me a at it is and dad can as an dog cat to the get big had him his mum got away day  play up he we my you for.

Can we use any of these words to make a sentence?

Next week we will be rehearsing for the nativity. I hope you have all got your tickets which are on sale in the office. In numeracy we will be learning to order numbers from 1 to 20.

Have a lovely weekend my superstars! :-)

Mr Herlihy


This week we have been learning about more and less. The children loved looking at these videos. Check them out.