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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Here is a video with some of the highlights of the year. Enjoy!

Rock stars

Check out this amazing photo from yesterday. If you have anymore please send the in.

Just to let you know we will be having one more P.E. session tomorrow. It will be the last one of the school year. If you don’t have kit in school please make sure you bring some in.

I was so proud of the children this morning. They performed their little socks off and put on a great show. Here are the music videos they produced. Enjoy!

Hi everyone,

Our music concert is tomorrow! Please come and get tickets for £1 from me. Our song is from the 1980s… If the children could come with a 80s costume that would be brilliant. Don’t worry if you don’t have one.


Mr Herlihy

We have had a great week meeting our new class mates and finding out what they like and don’t like. We also made a trip to our new classrooms and looked at how they were different to ours. They are all very excited and enjoyed finding out about each other.

We have also been learning a song for a forth coming end of term concert… watch this space to find out more.

The more we practise the better we get! This week we have become stars at counting, adding together two groups of objects and working out number problems.

Next week we will be learning about beach safety in preparation for our beach trip.

We will also be returning to looking at 3D shapes and their properties.

Have a great weekend my little superstars!

Mr Herlihy

Please be aware that the train on Friday 11th July will be very busy as we have been informed there is another school travelling on the same train. We had booked a carriage but there was clerical error and they have double booked the 9:37 a.m train from Bromley South, which means unfortunately we don’t have any reserved seats. We just wanted to let you know in advance as the train will be very busy. For the return journey (15:41) we have managed to reserve 100 seats so we suggest you take this train home. The school teachers will be leaving on the 15:11 train as we have arranged to bring the children who are travelling with us back at that time. The same school party are returning on the 15.11 train hence why we suggest you take the 15:41 (or later) train for ease of comfort.