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The witch came back tonight to check out all the writing they had done. I think she was excited to find out what their potions did. Hopefully she is making mud out of thin air somewhere far away from school.

Today Mr Bawa taught us a new song about a witch. He must have checked out our blog to know we have been learning about a witch. What a clever man Mr Bawa is!

Last night we had a visitor who came and took the children’s potions. She had a major problem. She didn’t know what they did. Check out the video.

After watching the video and reading the letter the children went straight to the writing table to write what their potions did.

Today we have been busy bees and have written and made our own potions. I wonder what they might do? Why don’t you ask your child and leave a comment below.

Here is a video of the children acting out the story of the week! Enjoy!

Here are a few of the spells the children have been writing today. Try some of them out at home and send in a picture. The class will then have to guess which spell you followed.

Here is the story we will be learning about this week.