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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Check out who we celebrated this week.

I love this repeating pattern. Can you guess the pattern?


Next week we are learning to sequence events, can you take a picture of something you do in the morning and something you do in the evening? Can you tell us what you were doing in each picture?

I was so impressed with all the repeating pattern pictures I was sent. Well done!

A very busy week indeed! We have been celebrating Chinese New Year by reading the story Lanterns and Firecrackers and our amazing trip to Chinatown.

We have been recognising and creating patterns using colours, fruit and even ourselves!

We have learned the following sounds in Phonics; igh oo and or. Can you think of any words that have these sounds?

In handwriting we have learned the slider family of letters.

Next week have yet another incredibly exciting topic, superheros! Who is your favorite superhero and why? Could you please bring in a plain coloured (or white) tee shirt that we can paint on. Please make sure the top is not green!

In numeracy we will be looking at time and sequencing events. What do you do in the morning, afternoon and evening?

Have a wonderful weekend my little superstars!

Mr Herlihy

Here is another maths challenge. I wonder if all the cutlery is now in the dishwasher?


Here is another fantastic repeating pattern. It looks good enough to eat.


Here is a little video of the children enjoying their food.