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Rock stars

Check out this amazing photo from yesterday. If you have anymore please send the in.

I was so proud of the children this morning. They performed their little socks off and put on a great show. Here are the music videos they produced. Enjoy!

Last week we learnt a song about dinosaurs. Check out the video.

Here is an amazing holiday video of one very special girl singing with a pop star.

Today Mr Bawa taught us a new song about a witch. He must have checked out our blog to know we have been learning about a witch. What a clever man Mr Bawa is!

Here are some videos of the children during their French lesson. Please check out the French blog.

Check out the video of Barnaby’s birthday party. The children have been the best party planners in the whole wide world. They pulled off his party without a hitch. Barnaby had no idea that they had planned him a party. Thank you to all the parents who provided food.