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When we arrived in Italy we were very lucky to get a booking at the top restaurant La RIH. It is famous for the pasta which has been handed down through the family for generations (Domino). We talked about the food that people eat in Italy. Ask your child what they learnt about Italy. Leave a comment so we can share with the class.

Here is a video of our flight to Rome. If you are interested in applying to work for Reception Airlines please see me to get an application pack. No experience necessary.

Next week we will be off on an adventure! Get your passports ready and suitcases packed, we want to know where the children have been on holiday. If you have photos, postcards from holidays then bring them in.

We’re going to carry on with recognising numbers up 10. If your child finds it tricky to recognising numbers get them to help you count out shopping, count the number of conkers you find on the way to school.

So far we have learnt the sounds s a t p i n m d

Words we have learnt are I me a at it is and.

To let you know in advance, the week commencing 14th October we will be learning about different pets. Do you have a pet you would like to bring in? if so talk to your class teacher.

Have a great weekend recalling your holidays!