Ahoy there mateys, after half term we have lots of pirate fun in store for you. We will be looking at all the equipment pirates need and will even be turning into pirates arrrrrrselves :-)! In numeracy we will be looking at distance, I wonder who lives the furthest from school or who can throw a ball the furthest? We will also be looking at some clues for treasure, will they make sense or will they be silly?

Could you please bring in any empty bottles you may have at home and a plain old tee-shirt to design.

Although this has been a short week we have still managed to get so much learning done – you are amazing RIH! We have become authors and written our own stories based on Superworm, I think the publishers will be knocking on our doors soon! In maths we have been looking at the difference between 2D and 3D shapes.

Well done for yet another great week superstars!

Mr Herlihy