We have been busy bees this week in Reception! We were lucky to continue our work on Dinosaurs looking at where they lived and discussing all the amazing facts the children knew. Thank you for teaching me so much about Dinosaurs, you are great teachers RIH! All children thoroughly enjoyed the trip the National History Museum, a huge thank you to all the adults that came with us! We couldn’t do trips without all your help.

In numeracy we have been looking at time – not looking at clocks but seeing what kind of things we can do in a certain amount of time. I am really impressed with the musical abilities of the children in RIH; they were amazing at playing along to the story ‘Rumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus’!

Next week we will be revisiting 3D shapes (and their properties) and reading the very exciting story of a brave Superworm!!!

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine!!

Mr Herlihy.