Where has this week gone? We have had so much fun and I think that has made the week fly by. We have spent the week looking at different superheroes and understanding what superheroes do and talking about all the different superpowers.

We have learned the following sounds in Phonics; air and ear. Can you think of any words that have these sounds?

In numeracy this week we were learning about sequencing events and using everyday words that relate to time.

Next week we will be continuing with our superhero topic. The children will be making their own superhero costumes and books. We would also like to invite you in on Friday at 3pm for a super secret treat. Please could you make sure you bring in an old plain t-shirt for the children to paint. If you have any spare ones that would be great as well.

In numeracy we will be learning to combine 2 groups of objects.

I hope you get lots of rest this weekend as we have lots to do next week.

Have a super weekend my little superstars!

Mr Herlihy