The maths blog challenges are short activity ideas that can fit into your day and will help your child see maths as fun. The challenges relate to the different strands of the area of learning called ‘Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy.’

You can repeat each activity as many times as your child wants to. Feel free to change the ideas to suit your child’s interests, what you have in your house and their current level of development. If your child wants to represent their thinking on paper let them do so in their own way. For example they might not want to write numbers, but they might want to draw to communicate their mathematical thinking.
We encourage you to share any ideas you have for maths challenges so that our collection of cards can grow and we can learn from one another.

It would be great to let your child’s class teacher know how your child got on. You could photograph them doing the activity and email it, comment on the blog or bring in their working out.