This week we have been learning all about space, we read a book called ‘The way back home’. We used lots of technology to tell you about the facts we have learnt. We were very lucky to be the first class to use the green screen. We also retold the story using story mics.

The children have also been experimenting with weight. They have been using words to describe how heavy an object is.

This week we have learnt how to write n m b p.

The words we have learned to far are,  I me a at it is and dad can as an dog cat to the get big had him his mum got away day  play up .

Can we use any of these words to make a sentence?

Next week we will be continuing to learn about space. We will be looking at videos about real people who go into space. We will also watch the first moon landing and think about what it would have been like. In numeracy we will be learning about more and fewer.

Have a lovely weekend my superstars! :-)

Mr Herlihy