It has been a very busy week in RIH. We have learned lots about some really difficult shapes, well done! Can you remember what a shape with eight sides is called?

Unfortunately the shape thief had taken our Quiz Quiz Trade cards, thankfully our posters and shape hunt worked and we found them!

HURRAH we have finished learning all the sounds from a-z!! Up next we will be focusing on forming the letters correctly. We will be meeting two new little friends, I’m sure you are very excited to hear all about them!

We have been discussing different cultures and celebrations, in particular the Hindu festival Divali. What do you celebrate?

Next week we will be looking at all the changes that have been happening recently. We will be looking at night and day and all the animals that come out at night. What has been happening to the trees recently?

We will be talking about height and things that are taller and shorter than each other. Who is the tallest person in your family?

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Mr Herlihy.