This week we have been learning all about fireworks, we read about a man called Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate on the 5th of November. I was really impressed with the fantastic words the children came up with to describe how fireworks sound. Check them out in the hallway, which is your favorite sound?

The children have also been shape investigators this week. We were spotting shapes in the classroom and outside in the playground. How many shapes will you come across this weekend?

The sounds we have learned to far are, s a t p i n m d g o c k e u r b f l h w x v j.

Can we use these sounds to make a word?

The words we have learned to far are,  I me a at it is and dad can as an dog cat to the get big had him his mum got.

Can we use any of these words to make a sentence?

Next week we will be discussing the very special Hindu festival Divali. I wonder what things people do to mark this occasion? We will be continuing our work on shape and meeting some more new and interesting shapes.

Have a lovely weekend my superstars! :-)

Mr Herlihy